Tom Hall

If you are reading this at this stage it actually makes me wonder why?  Curiosity?  Loyal Bare Arms customer or trainee?  Someone that knows me personally?  If you are the latter then you probably know why I’m writing, you know my motivations and my passions that drive this.  If you are a Bare Arms customer that has previously taken training from me then you have some idea as to why I would be writing and I appreciate your trust that I won’t waste your time.

This blog and my writing, teaching and training all come from one place within me.  Let me explain:

I was raised in the Appalachian region of Southern Ohio, with a mix of southern culture, traditional Midwest values with a healthy dose of Scots-Irish redneck lifestyle. This creates people with a strong work ethic, fiercely independent spirit, but yet, and in a contradictory way, a very enduring patriotism. There is an inherent mistrust of the government or anybody ‘in charge’ but a strong belief in America and its people.

My involvement in history and politics began as a teen, sparked by the abortion debates. In order to understand the topic or be able to engage in debate I had to understand Roe v. Wade. In order to understand Roe v. Wade I had to understand the Constitution. In order to understand the Constitution as written I had to understand our Founding generation. In order to understand the Founding generation I had to understand the Enlightenment, some British, Roman and Greek history and lots of Jude’s-Christian thinking.

While serving in the U.S. Army I stayed involved in politics, mostly as a news junkie.  But when I finally got off active duty I was able to go back to college full-time. I’d already earned my AA in General Studies from University of Maryland while I was in Okinawa, Japan, so I enrolled at THE Ohio State University as a History Major.  I didn’t take the required history credits only, I took well over double the required amount; I took over 60.   I focused on U.S. Constitutional History, and took as many classes relating to the Founding generation and Rome that I could.

Toward the end of the George W. Bush presidency when he appeared to become a different kind of President, bailing out banks and all manner of industries I was heavily involved in the rise of the Tea Party in the Columbus, Ohio area.  I was able to teach constitutional history to a couple of them.  Mostly people mis-remember the Tea Party movement as an anti-Obama movement but I was there, it was in response to the Bush administration first.  In response to Obama’s mostly extra-constitutional actions it rose and grew.

Simultaneously, and in that atmosphere I made friends with one of the best humans I’ve met in my life, Scott S. in Hilliard, Ohio.  He taught my concealed carry class and subsequently talked me into becoming an instructor.  Initially, my goal was simply to create more law-abiding armed citizens.  The way I saw it and still do; the more law-abiding citizens are carrying guns the freer I am.  Ironically, Rosa Luxembourg, a Marxist philosopher said it this way, “Those who do not move do not feel their chains.”  I wanted Americans to feel the freedom they enjoy to be armed, then if anyone tried to take that away they would feel the pull of their chains.  Creating more of them would be a way to buttress up my own liberty.  Back then I taught for free, then slowly due to opportunity and necessity it became a profession.  Now I spend a significant part of my time either teaching or learning so I can be and even better instructor.

I’m a son, a father, a Christian, a U.S. Army Veteran, a Buckeye, an amateur consititutional historian, a firearms instructor, a staunch supporter of and believer in the benefits of liberty and the concepts that created our Constitutional Republic.  That place I said that all of me comes from, its liberty and you can count on this: each time I set down to write you will get a unique recipe of what makes me —  me.