What is Bare Arms?

We’re all about making the shooting experience the best it can be for you, from offering optional memberships for serious and frequent shooters to courses for those just getting started. We also pride ourselves on the experience and talent of our on-range staff.


We have 25-yard and 15-yard shooting lanes for handguns and long guns. We feature Range System equipment, made of AR 500 Steel, bulletproof glass and ballistic rubber for safety.

Safety First

Our ranges feature HEPA filtered ventilation systems, moving air 75 fpm past the firing line. This complies with law and allows you to shoot with comfort. Additionally, range staff are on site at all times.

The More You Know

No membership is required; we’re open to the general public. However, we do offer several packages for frequent shooters. A few issues of note:

  • We ask that you bring firearms in cases, holsters or range bags.
  • Closed-toe shoes are required and pants are recommended, for safety purposes.
  • Eye and ear protection is also required. We sell this on site if needed.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Range Rules for Safety, located under the section on this website labeled “OUR RULES.”
  • Keep government-issued ID with you.